Yukon Turnbuckle Table

Available by order only.


Yukon Turnbuckle Table


42" Width and Two 12" End Leaves Code
42"W x 60"L YT425
42"W x 72"L YT426
42"W x 84"L YT427
42"W x 96"L YT428
42"W x 108"L YT429
42"W x 120"L YT4210
*Up-to 16"W Leaves YT16E
42" Width SOLID TOP Code
42"W x 60"L YT425ST
42"W x 72"L YT426ST
42"W x 84"L YT427ST
42"W x 96"L YT428ST
42"W x 108"L YT429ST
42"W x 120"L YT4210ST
42"W x 132"L YT4211ST
42"W x 144"L YT4212ST
*Up-to 16" Leaves YT16E
48" Width and Two 12" End Leaves Code
48"W x 72"L YT486
48"W x 84"L YT487
48"W x 96"L YT488
48"W x 108"L YT489
48"W x 120"L YT4810
*Up-to 16"W Leaves YT16E
48" Width SOLID TOP Code
48"W x 72"L YT486ST
48"W x 84"L YT487ST
48"W x 96"L YT488ST
48"W x 108"L YT489ST
48"W x 120"L YT4810ST
48"W x 132"L YT4811ST
48"W x 144"L YT4812ST
*Up-to 16" Leaves YT16E

*Please specify size of leaves if other than 16" Wide in Custom Request field.

Related to: Yukon Turnbuckle Pedestal Table


Turnbuckle support to table centre.

Available Woods: Pine, Wormy or Brown Maple


Saw Mark all over 
*Available smooth sanded by request only

Available Colours:

Pine Maple Paint

Check out FURNITURE OPTIONS and FAFQ for more information on customization.