F4 Series Bedroom Set
F4 Series Sleigh Bed Set
Sleigh Bed End Detail
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F4 Series Bedroom Set

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Set features:

Armoire (F4-100)
39"W x 22"D x 72"H
With adjustable shelves
Crown Top 4 Door Armoire (F4-101)
42"W x 22"D x 69"H
Crown Top 2 Door Armoire (F4-102)
42"W x 22"D x 72"H
Curved Top 1 Drawer Armoire (F4-107)
40"W x 22"D x 72"H
1 Door 1 Drawer Nightstand (F4-401)
24"W x 19"D x 26"H
2 Drawer Nightstand (F4-400)
24"W x 19"D x 26"H
3 Drawer Chest (F4-200)
36"W x 19"D x 36"H
3 Drawer Split Chest (F4-201)
36"W x 19"D x 36"H
4 Drawer Chest (F4-202)
36"W x 19"D x 46"H
4 Drawer Split Chest (F4-203)
36"W x 19"D x 46"H
5 Drawer Chest (F4-204)
36"W x 19"D x 55"H
5 Drawer Split Chest (F4-205)
36"W x 19"D x 55"H
5 Drawer Lingerie chest (F4-210)
24"W x 19"D x 56"H
6 Drawer Long Dresser (F4-206)
67"W x 19"D x 35"H
7 Drawer Dresser (F4-209)
67"W x 19"D x 35"H
8 Drawer Dresser (F4-207)
67"W x 19"D x 35"H
Blanket Box (F4-600)
43"W x 19"D x 18"H
Curved Mirror (F4-300)
40"W x 43"H
Iron Mirror (F4-302)
44"W x 43"H
Wing Mirror (F4-305)
59"W x 43"H
F4 Iron Bed 


Head 53"H
Foot 33"H

King F4-511
Double F4-513
Single F4-514
F4 Sleigh Bed

Head 49"H
Foot 32"H

King F4-500
Double F4-502
Single F4-503

Available Woods: Oak, Wormy Maple, Brown Maple, Pine


Smooth Sanded 

Standard Pulls:

Wooden Knobs

Foot Type:

As shown only

*Mattress not included.
*Most of these pieces are customizable by dimensions, details, wood, and stain.
*If an individual piece does not have a separate page the example can typically be found within the main set image.

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