*Colours may appear different on screen than in person*

Maple Ash Grey Smooth

Ash Grey Smooth

Maple Ash Grey Rustic

Ash Grey Rustic

Maple Blackwash Smooth

Blackwash Smooth

Maple Blackwash Rustic

Blackwash Rustic

Maple Bronze Smooth

Bronze Smooth

Maple Bronze Rustic

Bronze Rustic

Maple Brown Cherry Smooth

Brown Cherry Smooth

Maple Brown Cherry Rustic

Brown Cherry Rustic

 Maple Dark Red Smooth

Dark Red Smooth

 Maple Dark Red Rustic

Dark Red Rustic

 Maple Cohiba Smooth

Cohiba Smooth

Maple Cohiba Rustic

Cohiba Rustic

Maple Dark Walnut Smooth

Dark Walnut Smooth

Maple Dark Walnut Rustic

Dark Walnut Rustic

Maple Coffee Smooth

Coffee Smooth

Maple Coffee Rustic

Coffee Rustic

Maple Cinnamon Smooth

Cinnamon Smooth

Maple Cinnamon Rustic

Cinnamon Rustic

Maple Gunstock Smooth

Gunstock Smooth

Maple Gunstock Rustic

Gunstock Rustic

Maple Spanish Smooth Maple Spanish Rustic Maple San Miguel Smooth Maple San Miguel Rustic

Maple Light Grey Smooth

Light Grey Smooth

Maple Light Grey Rustic

Light Grey Rustic

Maple Slate Smooth

Slate Smooth

Maple Slate Rustic

Slate Rustic

Maple Silver Smooth

Silver Smooth

Maple Silver Rustic

Silver Rustic

Maple Whitewash Smooth

Whitewash Smooth

Maple Whitewash Rustic

Whitewash Rustic

Maple Natural Smooth

Natural Maple Smooth

Maple Natural Rustic`

Natural Maple Rustic



  • Due to the Nature of Wood and Finishing products, Finished product may vary slightly from Sample
  • Two Tone is available by request, please specify your colours in the Custom Request field. (Example: Table: Black Distressed Legs, Cinnamon Top)
  • Custom Colour and Matching are Available, please Inquire
  • The best way to choose your finish is in person
  • Rustic Textures are only available on certain styles, please see each product's individual page for more information and availability.


For our previous stain collection please refer to this page.